Please email Dr. Galván to inquire about any of the positions described below.  Please include the following in the email: 1) Curriculum Vitae or Resume, 2) Academic GPA and 3) Position of Interest

—»Postdoctoral Training«—

Dr. Galván is a participating faculty member of the Training Grant in Translational Neuroscience of Drug Abuse (PI: London). The TNDA Training Grant provides trainees with an integrative knowledge base needed to plan and conduct bidirectional translational studies including cutting-edge technical laboratory methods, computational approaches in data evaluation, and issues related to ethical treatment of human subjects.  TNDA trainees will usually have a primary research project in a specific mentor’s laboratory, but will gain exposure to other areas of drug abuse research through laboratory rotations, common core training elements as well as by formal and informal interaction among key faculty and TNDA leadership. Click here for more information

The lab also provides training opportunities for postdoctoral trainees interested in applying for mentored awards, such as NRSA fellowships and research supplements, in the areas of developmental cognitive neuroscience, brain development, and/or developmental addiction.

—»Graduate Training«—

Dr. Galván welcomes graduate student applications.  The ideal applicant to the UCLA Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory has an outstanding academic record, a strong interest in neurodevelopment and behavior, a collaborative and productive work ethic and extensive research experience.  Graduate students in the lab will be expected to run their own independent studies and get involved in ongoing lab projects that match their interests.

For PhD training in the Galván Lab, prospective students should apply through any of the following programs:

  1. Psychology Department (Developmental Area)

  2. Psychology Department (Behavioral Neuroscience Area) 

  3. Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program click here

—»Undergraduate Training«—

We are no longer looking for new undergraduate RA’s for this summer/school year. However, if you are interested in volunteering please contact Dr. Adriana Galvan with your name, year, evening/weekend availability, whether you have a car (for off-campus data collection), and why you’re interested in joining the Galván Lab in particular and we will keep your information on file.

There are a variety of ways in which undergraduate students at UCLA may get involved in ongoing research in our laboratory. Here is a brief summary:

  1. Research in Psychology (Psych 196): Students receive four units of credit per quarter to work in our psychology laboratory setting on an ongoing research project. This requires my approval and a contract that can be obtained with the Internship Programs Coordinator. The minimum requested commitment is 2 quarters working 8-10 hours per week.

  2. Independent Research in Psychology (Psych 199): Students conduct individual research under my direct supervision. This training opportunity requires my approval and a contract that can be obtained with the Internship Programs Coordinator. The minimum requested commitment is 2 quarters working 8-10 hours per week.

  3. The Psychology Research Opportunity Programs (PROPS) is a special research program run by the department and is targeted for low-income and underrepresented groups to gain research experience and to prepare an application to graduate school. Students are accepted for winter and spring quarters and conduct a research project under the direction of a faculty sponsor. Students are given a stipend and research course credit